1 On 1 Ascension Coaching with Sheila: Honoring Your Path of Ascension


Are you moving forward with your ascension at the pace you desire?

You’ve set your intention to more actively ascend and yet you feel overwhelmed with what to do next. You’re tired of reading more books and wondering what will really help. You open up the Alpha Imaging website and suddenly you have 10 browser tabs open and you aren’t sure where to start.

Maybe you’re not even sure what ascension is or whether it will be worth your investment of time and energy.

You’re not even sure you understand what it really means to ascend.

You try new spiritual habits of meditation or chanting, yet it just doesn’t seem to work for you. You have piles of books that talk about these amazing spiritual experiences, while you seem to experience nothing at all. You don’t see anything or hear anything and you’re not sure the value of doing it.

While spiritual growth is a personal journey, you don’t have to do it alone.

You’re comforted to experience support. You have a trusted guide to ask questions and share your struggles. You feel supported in trying a new spiritual technique and you appreciate someone helping you stick with it.

You’re relieved to know the steps towards ascension and have a plan.You enjoy talking about your spiritual path and asking questions. You like receiving guidance on what can help.

You discover confidence in the ascension journey. Each step forward allows more of your full expression to shine through you. You step forward with more freedom to live your daily life in joy and peace.

Ascension is the clearing of karma. As karma is cleared, the true you shines brighter and brighter.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re tired of reading about enlightenment experiences yet never having one
  • You don’t understand meditation and you want support
  • You find the concept of a spiritual path and meditation techniques overwhelming
  • You just want to know what you should be focusing on for your ascension journey 
You’ll  have  someone  that  is  right  beside  you,  who’s  been  there  and  knows  the  ups  and  downs  of  the  journey.

Hi, I’m Sheila

I’m a spiritual coach and energy healer who works with lightworkers. They have a passion to step forward in service to humanity. I create a space for them to actualize and bring their gifts into the world.

I’ve spent most of my adult life with an intention to ascend. I’ve read and worked with many tools and teachers over the years including:

  • I AM Discourses
  • Life & Teachings of the Masters of the Far East
  • Amma’s Teachings
  • Years with the Akashic Records & The Ascended Masters
  • Course in Miracles
  • The Way of Mastery
  • Alpha Imaging and the Ascended Masters Portal

I found home in my path of ascension with Alpha Imaging and the Ascended Masters portal. I’m a 7th Initiate and am free from the cycle of physical incarnations.  I have a protection grid and I work with the Ascended Masters in my continued ascension.  Ascension never really ends, we are always expanding our consciousness.

The majority of the knowledge, techniques and information that I use and share are from the Ascended Masters teachings through Verna with the Ascended Masters Portal on the alphaimaging.co.nz website.


As a result of Ascension Coaching, you will…

  • Be supported by my Higher Self & the Ascended Masters
  • Be relieved to get the support you need to focus on your ascension
  • Feel comforted to know that you are on the right track
  • Discover peace and joy in your daily spiritual habits

Ascension Coaching Packages Includes

Sacred Container

With my Higher Self, we place your energy bodies in a sacred container where my Higher Self and the Ascended Masters support energetic shifts on your path of ascension.  You remain supported in this container for the duration of the coaching package.

1:1 Coaching Sessions

We’ll meet for 45 minute coaching sessions to address your needs and questions.  We will assist and offer guidance as you move forward on your path of ascension.  This will include practice sessions for different techniques and clear action steps for the upcoming week(s).

Email Support

You’ll have the option to email urgent questions to me during the duration of your coaching package.  I’ll respond to your requests within 24-48 hours.



3 Sessions – For Bi-Weekly Support – $333

We meet every 2 weeks for support of learning new techniques and answering questions you have about ascension. You’ll be supported for 6 weeks in a Sacred Container while we support you in bi-weekly sessions.

7 Sessions – Weekly Support – $777 (or 2 payments of $395)

We meet weekly focused on bringing new spiritual habits into your daily life. You’ll be supported for 7 weeks in a Sacred Container with weekly support to create the spiritual habits you want.


Let’s Get Started

Step 1. Complete payment.

Step 2. You’ll receive an email to complete a short questionnaire with links to schedule your sessions.

Step 3. We’ll meet for our first Zoom session.

Have Questions?  Get in Touch!