Weebly has not yet allowed integration with Zapier or automate.io and it seems they have built their own email marketing tool called Promote to compete with the other email marketing services.  Previously, I compared over 40 email marketing services and made recommendations around Mailchimp and Mailerlite for small business email marketing.

What if you have your site built in Weebly and you are capturing email addresses based on your orders placed through Weebly?  Basically, you have 2 options that have pro’s and con’s associated with each.


Option 1:  Weebly’s Promote Email Marketing


  • Integrated within Weebly.  Contacts from forms filled out or orders completed automatically get added to Promote and are available to send emails to.
  • Forms are easily added within the Weebly sites and Promote platform. Includes full page and pop-ups or bars.
  • Free Version is for 2 emails a month and up to 500 recepients per email.


  • Cost increases quickly at $8/month for 5 emails a month, but still only 500 recipients per email.  You have to get to the $25/month plan to have the ability to send to more than 500 recipients at once.
  • You are not able to easily export your contacts from Promote if you want to use for another tool.

Option 2:  Mailchimp or Mailerlite


  • These are the top two email marketing tools for small businesses.  Mailchimp is free for the first 2000 subscribers and Mailerlite for the first 1000.
  • They both have forms that you can create and easily insert into your website to capture emails.
  • They allow you all the reliable features of a robust email  marketing with automated campaigns, pop-ups, exports, etc.


  • There is currently no automated way to get contacts from Weebly to either of these tools.  🙁  Once a week, you would  need to export new orders from Weebly and add the contacts to Mailchimp for Mailerlite in order to send emails to your audience.


If you are 100% committed to Weebly and know that you will NEVER potentially change to use WordPress or another website tool or provider, then I would go with Weebly.  Yet, knowing that we never really know what the future will hold, I would recommend using Mailchimp or Mailerlite.  They are tools focused solely on making sure that your email gets delivered.  I’m going to hold out that Zapier or automate.io will make progress with Weebly to create some integration!