Have you ever thought about using Google Analytics to increase traffic to your site? Are you taking advantage of the Reports in Google Analytics? Do you ever login and look at your traffic? There is a wealth of information in Google Analytics, yet it can be hidden and hard to find. My favorite thing to to is setup reports that are sent to clients weekly so that they see their latest search data. In the world of attraction, what we put our attention on grows. What we are grateful for brings more of the same into our lives.

Turn on a Simple Monthly Google Analytics Report

  • Login to Google Analytics
  • Click on the Gear in Lower Left
  • Click User at the Top
  • Scroll Down to Emailed Analytics
  • Expand the Properties
  • Click the Checkbox under Monthly Snapshot

Using Dashboards in Google Analytics

First, let’s import several dashboards to get you started. Dashboards are awesome summary views of data that allow you to see snapshots of the traffic to your site. You can find an incredible number of Dashboards in the Solutions Gallery for Google Analytics.

How to Import a Dashboard

  1. Login to Google Analytics
  2. Click on Any of These Dashboards
  3. Select Your Site and the Data to Import (usually just ‘All Data’)
  4. Click On Customization, Dashboards
  5. Open the Dashboard and Review

Email Yourself a PDF of a Dashboard Each Week

  • Open the Dashboard
  • Click Email towards the top
  • Change the Subject
  • Set the Frequency and what day you want to receive it
  • Click Advanced Options and set to ’12 months’
  • Enter text if you want
  • If you are doing more than one, then select add to an Existing Email

Ritual for Receiving the Email

Take a deep breath and bring awareness to your heart and a feeling of gratitude Open the PDF and look at it with eyes of admiration. Be grateful that there are tools that show you these amazing statistics. Be grateful for the visitors that found your site. Send a loving thank you from your heart to theirs. Take a moment and imagine looking at future reports and how you will feel when the numbers increase each week. Be grateful and trust that you will be guided to take the actions that will increase your traffic. Be grateful and trust that new people will find your site. Take a final deep breath and say “Thank You”.  
I would love to hear how this works for you over the next many weeks.