How do you find the best email marketing service for your business when you don’t want to spend $100 month?  I wanted to know!  Over the years, I had helped clients setup and use MailChimp, Constant Contact, aWeber and Mad Mimi.  Before I started collecting emails for a new site I was setting up, I decided that it was time to research them.  Who knew, I would look at over 40 sites!  Wow!  How are you ever supposed to chose?

Requirements for Email Marketing Service

The business analyst in me always starts with my requirements.  Requirements being those minimum things that any solution must provide.  The requirements I identified for an email service provider were the following:
  1. must be a reasonable cost, ideally free to start, for a new business
  2. must integrate with Zapier, so that I can move my email addresses around to different tools
  3. must be reputable and offer frequent software updates and new features
  4. must cater and support individuals and small business
  5. ideally works with SumoMe, one of the leading emails popup providers
  6. easy tools to create the emails

The Search for the Best Email Marketing Service

I looked at over 40 sites and created a spreadsheet that captured the URL for each and the pricing.
I also logged into Zapier, SumoMe and Lead Pages to check whether they had integration.   Zapier was my most important requirement because if you can integrate with Zapier, you can get the email into any tool that Zapier integrates with.  So, while many didn’t integrate with SumoMe or Lead Pages, I focused on whether Zapier had integration with the email marketing service.

My Top 3 Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses!

  1.  MailerLite – They are free for the first 1000 subscribers and you have access to ALL of their features.  Their emails are clean and crisp and it’s easy to setup the emails and they have Zapier integration!
  2. MailChimp – They are free for the first 2000 subscribers and their prices goes up faster than MalierLite, so they ranked a 2 for me.  The email templates have been the same for years, so they don’t feel quite as fresh.  It is a very solid tool with Zapier integration as well.
  3. Mailjet – They have a different pricing model based on the  number of emails vs the number of subscribers.  Depending on how many you are sending, you could use this service for free for quite a while at 6000 emails for free.  They also integrate with Zapier and have excellent tool for creating emails.
Be sure to review the spreadsheet for the details on the other 37+ providers.