Now that you have your website created, it’s time to get visible! Before you get visible, you want to make sure that you have set a page title and a page description for each of your pages. In WordPress, tools like All In One SEO, SEO Framework and Yoast SEO allow you to easily do this. Many themes now have the base SEO fields of a Page Title and Page Description that you can fill out. Be sure to check out the SEO section of my Heart Centered Website Guide for more details.

First Part of Getting Visible

The first part of getting visible is to get your website registered with Google. Why Google? Well, 70% of web traffic is through google, so it’s the best place to start. There are 3 primary tools that Google offers to get visible with Google.

  1. Google Search Console – This registers your website with Google’s search engine. You submit a sitemap and Google indexes your site and your pages are now part of Google’s database of websites.
  2. Google Analytics – This registers your site with the analytics tool and gives you very powerful information about visitors to your site. Google Search Console and Google Analytics have incredible data if you want to dive into more details of traffic and sources of traffic.
  3. Google Business – This only applies if you have a physical office location that you can register with Google. Once you do this, you have a Google Business page as well as you will show up in Google Maps. You should also register your physical location with Apple Maps as well so that it shows up there too.

If you want to register with Bing, you can do so in Bing Webmaster tools.

Second Part of Getting Visible

The second part of getting visible is to post different pages of your website to social media. The benefits of this are that the social media sites are indexed very frequently and the more your site is visible in Social Media, the more credibility your site gets. Not to mention, that the energy of the entire world is connected into Social Media. Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Even if you don’t regularly post to social media personally, create business pages and get involved. It makes a difference. I recently had a new client conversation with someone who had found me on Facebook by searching for web designers in my local city of Chander, Arizona.

Third Part of Getting Visible

You need to share your site and your business with friends and family. They may not know that you have a new business. How could they send new clients your way if they don’t even know you exist? I’ll tell you how.. They CAN’T! You have to tell them and you have to ask for their support. Jacq has one of my favorite templates for announcing your new business/website to friends and family. Jenny Shih also has a great article on this. You never know who might know someone who needs help.

Have you had other success in getting visible? I would love to hear how!

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