Energy runs through us. There are times when we feel energy more intensely, like when we get excited and want to dance or when we get angry and want to run. Our bodies are full of energy! Technology and websites are energy to. Sure, the technology is built of hardware and physical components, yet, electricity is what powers it all and electricity is energy. Websites sit on the technology and are made up of many software components. It might all sound very geeky, yet for me, it’s just energy.

From when I was little, I’ve been fascinated with how things work. I’m not sure why, I just always have been. I loved taking things apart and putting them back together. I’ve always loved building things and there isn’t an IKEA project that has stumped me yet! LOL

Clients have often asked me how I make technology work. Why does it work for you and not for me? I think the biggest difference is that I simply expect it to work. I believe in technology and I know that technology and software only do what you tell it. It’s kind of like our minds… they only do what you tell them too. (I’ll save that discussion for another day. ?. ). It’s probably my early days as a programmer where I learned that computer programs do exactly what you tell them to do. If you mix up your if/then/else statement, then it does the opposite thing.

Expand Your Light

By expanding your energy, you will have more energy for your technology and your websites.

When someone brings me a technology challenge, I always see it as an opportunity. I try to stay in a mindset of curiosity and wonder and even when I can’t get something to work, I will simply take a deep breath and ask. Who am I asking? Well, I don’t really know. I think it’s my guides or angels or maybe it’s just me and I pull from something deep inside of me. Whatever it is, I simply ask and then the next step to try appears as a thought and I try it and it usually just works.

So, how does this relate to you and your website and your technology? It relates because you can do the same thing to. You can bring new energy to your technology (phone, computer, TV) and your website and see what happens.

Three Ways to Energize Your Technology or Website

One. Expect it to Work!

If you approach your website or your phone or your TV as a hassle and something you don’t understand. Well, guess what. You’re not going to understand it and it’s not going to make sense. At the moment you tell your mind that you don’t like something. Guess what? You don’t like it! Stop telling your mind that you don’t like it! Tell your mind that you are willing to see it in a new light. Tell yourself you can do it and it will be OK. If you find you don’t enjoy it, that’s OK. You can get someone else to do it if needed. But, just don’t hate it. It’s like karma, it will get you back. Besides, why put hate into the universe when you could be putting love into the universe? ❤️

Two. Ask the Universe for Assistance/Trust Your Intuition

It doesn’t matter your spiritual beliefs, just ask for support. Ask your Guardian Angel or your Guides or a Master or the Elves or God or the Divine or Spirit. Just ask. Take a moment and say ‘I get really frustrated dealing with technology. Bring me the guidance and energy to make this easier for me.’ Then be open. You might have a new idea or find your self-talking to a friend that gives you the answer (even though their call came in the middle of you working!) or you might need to take a walk and then the answer appears. It’s all about trusting and learning to listen to that inner guidance, your intuition. It can appear in many forms. The Beings that support us work with us and help us in whatever ways that work for us. While I’ve been a spiritual seeker for many years, I’m not one who hears voices or see’s visions. The support comes so subtly that I frequently don’t know if it’s my own thoughts or someone helping me. I’ve learned to focus less on where it comes from and just be thankful that I know the next step.

Three. Be Grateful

Just the act of gratitude and acting as if the problem or the issue or the thing that needs to be done is already done brings in the energy of the universe to support you in getting it done. Gratitude is such a simple thing and brings profound results. Before you sit down to update your website or fix that autoresponder issue or program your DVR, just say ‘Thank You, I got this’. Then, see what happens. Even if it doesn’t go perfectly, you have set the intention. With practice, it will become easier and easier.

Expand Your Light

By expanding your energy, you will have more energy for your technology and your websites.