Let’s Talk about Zapping

No, I’m not talking about a bug zapper or getting rid of something, I’m talking about Zapier, the tool you can’t live without that you didn’t know you needed. As a solopreneur, you probably do most things on your own and you like to know that you can make it work. That’s what got you into creating a business to begin with. Yet, did you know that there are tools that will automatically move data between the apps that you are using? Setting these tools up can save you time. It’s time to start zapping!

So, What is a Zap?

Zap is a phrase coined by those using Zapier that is simply moving data from one system to another. Large companies spend a lot of money integrating their systems through data integration. Zapier is data integration for the cloud. Zapier allows you to take payment in Acuity and create a Zap so that the contact ends up in your Google Contacts and the amount of income gets logged into your Accounting software.

How do Zaps Work?

Zaps work through the concept of triggers and actions. Triggers are an event that occurs that and the action is what action you would like to take. When you connect an application to Zapier and create a Zap, Zapier watches for events to happen. When that even happens, the Zap is triggered and the action you have defined is executed. Hence, the Zap! The data is zapped form one application to another based on the event and the action.

Examples of Zaps

Here’s the list of Zaps I have setup to run my business and automate as much as possible so that I can spend more time helping you.

  • Book Like a Boss New Booking (Scheduling Tool) with Newsletter checked yes
    • Adds task to Nimble (CRM) to send out a welcome email to my list
    • Adds subscriber to Mailerlite (Email Marketing) in a group called “Book Like a Boss”
  • Book Like a Boss Appt with Payment (Scheduling Tool)
    • Adds income to And.Co (Accounting System)
  • Mailerlite New Subscriber through an Opt In
    • Adds task to Nimble (CRM) to send out a welcome email to my list
  • Stripe transaction
    • Adds expense to And.Co (Accounting System) for the bank fee’s of the CC transaction
  • Thrive Cart (shopping cart) purchase
    • Adds income to And.Co (Accounting System)

I also have PieSync set up to sync contacts between Nimble (CRM) and Mailerlite (Email Marketing) and Google Contacts. I’ll cover this in a future post, so be looking for that one too.

What you can Zap around the cloud is pretty unlimited. If you have a tool that connects to Zap, then you can take advantage of having your data synchronize and save yourself time! The time savings is so important as a solopreneurs. You want your time focused on delivering your services, not managing your business.

How to Create Your First Zap

Here’s a video walking you through creating your first zap! Let’s get going.

Overwhelmed by doing this or where to begin? Purchase some Geek Hours and I’ll help you get started. Invest some time to save time.