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I remember first talking to Rita and how excited they were to find someone who understood technology and understood the lightworker that Rita is. I love working with lightworkers because I do understand them and I enjoy learning from and getting to know them while I work on their site.

Rita needed someone that could take the beautiful new website design that Erika with Wonderfull Design had created and implement it into an existing WordPress site. I love projects like these where the design is done and the site needs to be implemented. It’s a great fit for my skills as I always share with clients that I’m not a graphic designer. I’m an excellent technologist that can build you a solid site on any platform with good SEO and all the back end stuff setup.

Rita already had an excellent web presence with her existing site and wanted to add additional technology solutions for booking appts online and a streamlined process for handling a monthly subscription offering along with the sales of products. I recommended several different options and the decision was made to use WooCommerce with a Subscription plugin and Book LIke a Boss for online appointments. I setup the integration of these tools along with implementing Zapier to put a record of everything into Google Sheets. As part of the setup, I ran many tests of different types to make sure everything worked before the site went live.

Rita and her team of support were wonderful to work with. Collaboration always ends up with a better solution.

Healing Workshop Setup

One of the additions to Rita’s site has been a free workshop. You can join it by clicking the menu item!  This workshop is actually quite a complex setup in that a webinar is being delivered using Mailchimp and Zoom.  The setup involves a series of invite emails and automated emails to remind people and then the follow-up emails.  The landing page is a form that triggers Zapier to add the person to the event to receive the appropriate emails.  The trick in all of this is that Mailchimp won’t deliver an automation series to someone twice, so for workshops (ie webinars), there are some tricking things to do to get Mailchimp to cooperate.

Check out her upcoming workshop!  They are wonderful.

Project Details

Client Rita Henry
Skills Website, WordPress, Tools
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“Choosing Sheila to create my website was one of the best business decisions I have made. Her knowledge, along with her great communication skills, helped make the process pleasant and successful. As Sheila took ownership of the technical aspects, and the project management, she kept the project moving forward and found solutions as needed so my business could continue to thrive. Sheila’s wonderful attitude, innovative ways, and true desire to help and get things done is a gift. Knowing Sheila is on my team, gives me peace of mind.”
Rita Henry

Intuitive Counselor, Rita Henry