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Dottie called me on a Thursday night that she was looking to have her website updated.  At the time, her existing website wasn’t even pulling up on the web. We figured out her hosting provider and domain provider and recovered the passwords.  Her domain settings needed modified to point to the correct servers.  We fixed that up and her site was working again that evening.  She was paying almost $30 a month for her hosting and the next month would bill in 10 days.  I proposed to her that we build her site in Weebly and bring it live before the next billing cycle so that she could avoid another $30 fee.  With Weebly, she paid $120 for 2 years and doesn’t have a monthly fee.  She was excited to save some money in the process!

Dottie was open to a new logo, so we had a new logo created that she is now using in her business.  Dottie gathered photos and a couple of videos that we put on YouTube.  I built the site in a couple of days and she was super happy to start sharing with her potential clients!  As an established business in Ventura, I also wanted to make sure that she didn’t lose any search credibility, so we made sure that Ventura was on every page and around the site as much as possible.  This helps with SEO so that when someone searches for dog training in Ventura, her site will come up.

She is also active on Facebook, so we have that feed showing on her home page.  This allows her to keep some content fresh on her home page without having to update the site.

Project Details

Client K9 Nutt Dog Traing
Skills Web
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I had the best experience working with Sheila. I needed a new website done and one that is more up to date. She was fast, efficient and always available quickly to answer any questions or changes I had. I would give her 5 stars and a big thank you!

Dottie Dunnigan

Owner, K9 Nutt Dog Training