Jan & Carol

Ascension Dowsing Site Creation

Jan & Carol perform a beautiful service for your house called Ascension Dowsing. They wanted a simple site that they could help educate people on this service and explain the benefits. They had a logo created and the colors helped define the page. With their content, I organized it as a landing page in different sections.

The site is hosted with adpage.io and allows for easy editing by them and no ongoing fee’s as I charge a simple one time fee to design and host the landing page.

Project Details

Client Jan & Carol
Skills Website, Adpage.io
View ascensiondowsing.com

“We are happy to recommend Sheila Franzen as a website designer. Sheila is responsive, creative, knowledgeable and very experienced. She set up ‘Ascension Dowsing’ for my partner and me and recommended a one page site which turned out beautifully. She used a nicely designed Q and A format for our information about the work we do. It is simple and clear and easy for any potential client to understand the basic concepts. The site is appealing because of the way each new section is set up differently, all creating interest. The feedback we have had so far is that people love our website and became curious about Dowsing after a look at it. We gained two clients within the first month without any other advertising.”

Jan & Carol