Gender Family Support

Gender Family Support’s Website Refresh

Previously I had helped Margot switch her domain to a new site and made sure everything worked. After completing her content for her About page and Work With Me page, she reached out to have me help her get the content organized and stand out on her site.

Her site is in WordPress and her theme leverages the Visual Bakery page builder. I leveraged features of the theme to separate the pages into sections and format the content to highlight specific phrases and text. Margot provided the picture for her site and I formatted them into the needed sizes.

She also wanted a simple logo, so I created a logo in a modern font with a transgender symbol in the word Support to bring a uniqueness to what she is offering. The symbol also worked to be her favicon which looks awesome!

Project Details

Client Margot Hanley
Skills Web,

“I was struggling through updating my website on my own. It was eating up too much of my time and I decided to call Sheila to help out.  I am so happy I did! It is great working with Sheila. She patiently updated my site as I worked to get my final copy completed in the middle of a busy summer.  She created a new logo for me with the transgender symbol in it, which I love! My site is ready to go now and I am excited to start promoting my business! “
Margot Hanley

Life Coach, Gender Family Support