I’m embarking on spending 48 hours alone with the intention of a mini healing retreat for myself.  I am opening to what is next for me. I sit with the emptiness and ask to be shown what I need to know.

As I enter our favorite Trader Joe’s store to collect some food for the next 2 days, I am drawn to stop at the orchids. I have loved orchids from the first time I ever saw them. Their is a beauty and perfection to an orchid that is just stunning.

Today, as I looked at them for 30 seconds or so, I had this depth of information that came into my awareness.  I understood that we each have this perfection within us.  The perfection of a flower, the beauty of the orchid.  A single orchid plant has in it’s memory the infinite wisdom to create more and more blooms that look just the same. Yet, if you look closely enough, each are unique and different. 

As humans, we are unique and different.  Sure, everyone tells us that. Yet, today I understood it. I am unique. There is no one else with my DNA, with my personality, with my gifts, with my quirks, with my annoyances.  They are all mine, only mine. We each have a unique Higher Self, our creator, that is like the plant of the orchid. We are created in their likeness, yet we are unique. We are our own bloom, in absolute perfection. Our eyes, our smile, our bodies. We are absolute perfection. 

Many years ago, I recall hearing the concept that each of us is already perfect. I tried and tried to understand it. I couldn’t accept it, because all I could see were my imperfections. Today, I fully understand my perfection and the perfection of each and every person in my life, in the world, past, present and future. 

I stand in awe as I walk this journey of life in contemplation and curiosity. I am grateful for the awareness that my Higher Self and the Ascended Masters share with me. I’m always in awe when so much knowing can happen in a mere 30 seconds!

I love all of you. I stand in absolute awe of your beauty and perfection. 

PS.  I look at her beauty again several hours later: I see eyes looking at me, a butterfly in the center, angel wings behind, whiskers to the sides. I could stare at this miniature orchid for hours and see more each time.  Ah, the perfection of an orchid!

White orchid with pink and yellow center