Considering Requirements for Nonprofits

Maybe you’re thinking of starting a nonprofit or you’re involved with one that needs some updated technology and better tools to manage their service to the world.

The most important thing to understand is the requirements for the nonprofit.

Typically, the main requirements for a nonprofit are:

  1. Receiving donations and managing donors (Donor CRM)
  2. Hosting events to make money
  3. Limiting who can do what within the tools, ie the ability to secure what part of a site someone can edit. When you have a bunch of volunteers, you wan to minimize the risk of too many people changing things.

You want to make sure that you are keeping your specific requirements in mind.

Donor Management Software for Nonprofits

Managing your donors and communicating with them is probably the most important thing you need to do in a nonprofit. There are an abundance of tools available to select from. I’ve selected several of the top ones and created a google spreadsheet that you can see below.

The best tool for you is going to depend on your detailed requirements. This list will get you started and give you ideas on what to consider. I always like to know where a company is at and how many people they have already helped. The other thing from a technical perspective that I always look at is integration. Only 4 of the tools integrate with Zapier that I could find.

Capterra always has great reviews and you can see a very comprehensive list of reviews and ratings on their site:

Selecting a Tool for a Nonprofit Website

I’ve looked at quite a few articles and research and stats show that 40-50% of websites for non-profits are in WordPress.  The rest are randomly scattered across all the rest of the platforms.

MorWeb (

  • This is one of the most robust platforms that is out there for non profit site management.
  • Here’s a great review on the platform:
  • While the price tag starts at $99/month, you get an awesome looking site, donor management, hosting, blog, etc.  If you have the money, this platform is the go to for non profit site.  You can also manage who can access and edit what, so that helps with making sure people only have access to what they need.


  • WordPress is the most flexible platform. You can find plugins for what you need and your cost will just be for any plugins and the hosting.  Yet, it will require maintenance to keep it secure and up to date, etc.  The new page builders make it very easy to update.
  • If you need security by page, you can consider these plugins for managing security
  • Themes – Rather than choosing a theme, I would focus first on a page builder like Divi or Elementor and then select a page layout for that theme
  • Siteground is the best hosting if you go down this path

Content Management Systems

  • Squarespace – Love the platform, but you can’t do granular security to limit who can edit what page
  • Weebly – Not enough flexibility for what you can do on the pages
  • Wix – Super flexible, yet I can’t find that you can limit who can edit what page

My recommendation if you have an unlimited budget is probably MorWeb.  I would at least start a trial and play with it if I were you.  That won’t cost you anything.

If budget is a concern, then I would go with WordPress.  You will have ultimate flexibility and can expand/adjust as needed.  If you go down this path, I would recommend SiteGround for hosting and a page builder like Divi or Elementor.