Your open rates are low for your weekly newsletters and you’re wondering why. Some of your clients have mentioned that they aren’t receiving your weekly newsletters anymore and you’re left not knowing what to do.

Over the past several months, I’ve worked with many clients where we have discussed email deliverability and as a result, I’ve researched it quite a bit. There are many factors that go into email deliverability.

I’ve always known that one key thing is to make sure you are delivering emails from a unique domain name, i.e., your business domain name and not from one like or Other things are to use good grammar, don’t use ALL CAPS and make sure you are delivering quality content.

One of the most important, yet overlooked improvements, is domain authentication. When you send an email from your email marketing service provider (MailChimp, Mailerlite, etc.), you are allowing them to send email on your behalf.

If you haven’t authenticated your domain, then it appears that your email comes from them in the email headers and that often causes emails to end up in Spam, Promotions or Junk mailboxes. Once you authenticate your domain, you have given permission for your email service provider to send mail and it looks like it’s from you and not from them.

Authenticating Your Domain Helps Email End Up in Inboxes.
Emails in Inboxes Creates More Engagement.
More Engagement Means More Sales.
More Sales Means Happier You! ?

How to Authenticate your Domain

Each service provider is slightly different in how they have you authenticate your domain. Fundamentally, they are all doing the same thing as far as connecting your domain to the email marketing service provider, yet there are always nuances in each. You will need to login to your email marketing service provider and initiate the authentication and then you will need to modify DNS records where you have your domain hosted.

Instructions for the Major Service Providers

Is Your Head Spinning?

If this is making your head spin and that feeling of overwhelm is creeping up inside of you, I’m happy to help out! You can purchase Setup Domain Authentication from me and I’ll do it for you!