Most people have heard about the benefits of meditation at this point. Yet, how many people really meditate? Believe it or not, the numbers are going up! Are you part of those numbers? Time magazine recently shared an article based on a study from the CDC. Meditation rates have actually risen for US Workers that were surveyed from 8 to 9.9%. Yay!

In my late 20’s was when I began meditating. I still remember the first time I attended a meditation class in a small new age bookstore in Portland. We started with this concept of quieting your mind. I remember almost laughing because I didn’t think it was possible. Actually, I still don’t find it very easy!

Sitting for 3 minutes seemed like complete torture.

What was I supposed to do? How do you quiet your mind? How am I supposed to breathe? What? Where? Seriously? I loved it and yet was completely perplexed by it. So, I read books about it, I attended classes and I got up every morning and meditated. The books said I would find peace and joy in meditation, so I did it. I wanted that more than anything. Over the years, I have found more peace and more joy and I continue it each day because it gives me the energy for my day.

You say you want more energy. What are you doing to give yourself support?

When we meditate, we center ourselves in our energy. It doesn’t matter what meditation you do or how long, any amount of time is beneficial. When we center ourselves in our energy, we bring in more of our Soul’s energy. We allow more of the life-giving force known as the Divine or God to flow into us and through us. It’s not that we have to find God or the Divine, it is always in us as it is giving us life. What we can do is take a moment and be thankful for it and allow it to fill us up.

Meditation can be whatever you want it to be.

  • It could be a walk outside where you take time to notice the beauty that is in our everyday lives.
  • It could be sitting with your cat or dog on your lap and paying complete attention to them and allowing love to flow through you.
  • It could be just sitting down for 5 minutes and imagining your feet are tree roots that go deep into the ground. The deeper they go, the more energy they pull from the earth and her divine nature into you.

The key is you have to take the ACTION to meditate.

The ACTION is your intention to do it, the time to sit down and do it and the actual DOING it. If you’re on my mailing list, you likely have your own business. Businesses require lots of energy! They just do! Help yourself and your business by spending a few minutes meditating as often as you can. For me, I meditate every morning before the rest of the family is up so that I have the energy to serve others. I often participate in group meditations in the afternoons or evenings. My afternoon mediations are the pick me up that I need to get through the rest of my day. Evening meditations restore me for a deep nights sleep.

If you want someone to guide you through your mediation, just search guided meditations for more energy on Google and you’ll have plenty of ideas. Let your heart guide you and find the ones that feel right for you.

Technology and Websites require energy too!

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