As I begin to pack up, I pick up the deck of Goddess on Earth oracle cards that I brought along.  I don’t use cards much, yet occasionally I enjoy the variety of asking for a message.  Today, I asked what I needed to know as I closed out this beautiful little  48 hour healing retreat I’ve been on.  

I draw the card for Kali about severing outdated ways.  I laugh out loud.  🤣Seriously? !?  One can’t even make up the synchronicity and perfection of the universe.  

The first 24 hours of my little healing retreat were amazing!  My sweet orchid inspired me, a friend reached out for support and I had the opportunity to share healing in a way I didn’t know was possible. It was beautiful.  The second 24 hours weren’t so beautiful.  You know, you set the intention for healing and sometimes you get what you ask for.  Healing is a process.  It isn’t always about fun and joy.  Sometimes there is pain and letting go. Yesterday provided space for me to notice pain, experience triggers and dig deep.  It wasn’t much fun.  And it was just perfect.

Today, I started again with a walk on the beach.  I was in resistance and had my shoes on.  I get the message…. Take your shoes off.  So, I do. I feel the sand and the water and my body does a deep inhale and exhale.  I respond with ‘OK, yes, that feels better.’  I’ve continued journaling and writing this morning, listening and learning. I come back to love is the answer.  More love for myself, my body and the beautiful people in my life.  I find myself in gratitude for the 48 hours I’ve had to enjoy with myself to learn, to heal and to let go.

Back to Kali and this card about severing outdated ways.  Ascended Master Kali has been in my awareness lately.  I have a friend that has been working with Ascended Master Kali in meditation and with her clients. Then yesterday, I was listening to a course I had purchased and the instructor mentioned Ascended Master Kali as well. 🤔 

I have to admit that with other’s description of her, I’ve not been drawn to her.  She felt a little scary to me. Then I realized, that’s silly. I can go meet her and meditate with her.  In meditation, she felt strong and powerful. I asked her about letting go. Immediately, I understood that it’s about letting go at every level.  

Letting go of what I think I’ve been or not been. 

Letting go of what I think is right or wrong. 

Letting go of fear. 

Letting go of patterns. 

Letting go of beliefs. 

Letting go from the depth of my being. 

Letting go.

It’s perfect and exactly what I needed to hear. My retreat feels complete and I let go as I return to my day to day life.  The ocean has provided me a recurrent rhythm to journey deeper in to my Be-ing.  Kali has shown me that it’s OK to let go of everything I know or think I am.

I am grateful for the journey and I choose to let go. 🙏