Let Go and Get Ready to Grow


My life has been full of letting go over the past 8 months. When we decided to move as a family, I don’t think any of us had any idea how much we would have to let go of as we relocated from Arizona to California. My partner and I counted the number of moves we’ve both done in our lifetimes and she beat me by 1. Our most recent move will be my 18th and final move! I’ve joked with my kids that I’m never moving again unless they are moving me into a furnished assisted living home!


All of the moves but one have been in my adult life. I had the fortune of living in the same home as a child from age 5 until I moved out in college. My journeys through living in 5 states have provided plenty of opportunities for me to discard unwanted things that had accumulated in each move, yet nothing compared to this most recent move. 


We Kon-Maried for 6 months


We spent 6 months prior to moving going through every cabinet, drawer, and closet trying to reduce our stuff so that we could fit into a smaller house. We had taken loads and loads of stuff to Goodwill and the Thrift Store. We had given stuff to friends and family and we thought we had downsized enough to fit into our new home. Well, we hadn’t. 


One of the biggest benefits of spending 9 weeks in a 32-foot travel trailer as a family was that we discovered how little stuff we really needed to live. We accumulate so much in our physical journey of life, yet we use so little on a daily basis. 


Fast forward to unpacking and discovering that we still have more than will fit into your closet, your kitchen, your cabinets. We still had more to let go of. And, it’s been easy! Living in a tiny house on wheels over the summer helped us all realize that we require very few items. We’ve all become experts at letting go and getting rid of more. We’ve driven truckloads to Goodwill in our unpacking and the whole family is rocking it!


We’re better humans now that we have less stuff.


Letting go has allowed us to grow and expand as people. We are having fun with it! I have new ideas and new energy for new things in my business. The kids are in new activities, making new friends and it’s all going amazingly well. Not only have we let go of ‘stuff’, we’ve let go of old patterns, beliefs, frustrations and more. It’s good, it creates more space and more energy for new things.


Letting go of beliefs allows new ideas to come in.

Letting go of stuff allows new energy to flow in.

Letting go of routines allows new possibilities to arise.


What can you let go of that you no longer need? 

Are you willing to grow? 

Are you ready to grow?


It’s time! Let go and Grow.