We are in times of great change in our communities, our countries and our lives. The amount of energetic change happening on the planet right now affects our businesses and careers too. The offering focuses on expanding and upgrading the energetic structures in your business or in your career. 

For the Business Light Expansion healing, St Germain stepped forth as our guide and shared that this healing is here to help upgrade businesses and careers into a new energy structure for the future. He shares that this is necessary to help our businesses or careers to keep up with the pace of change happening on the planet right now.

So… I AM so EXCITED to share a new collaborative healing called Business Light Expansion with you!

In the video, Ascended Master St Germain responds to 3 key questions:

  • Why did you bring this healing forward for businesses?
  • What can someone expect from participating in this alchemical expansion healing?
  • How would someone know if this alchemical journey is a good fit for them and their business/career?

With St Germain’s guidance, we created a series of healings and readings for your business/career. As you likely know, the energy on the planet is shifting significantly right now. Individually, we’re all working on upgrading our energy systems and preparing for shifts and new energy on the planet. This alchemical healing for your business quickly transforms the energy in and around your business to support your business in the new energy on earth. Business Light Expansion includes a Torus Healing, Astrology Reading, Energy Balancing, Channeled Session, and an Activation Session. The integration of these services in a safe space creates an ideal container for transformation! Get started and light up your business or career now!

Wondering how I stepped into being a healer?

I’ve been a lifelong spiritual seeker and have been on an active path of ascension with the Ascended Masters for many years. As my spiritual journey has evolved, healing gifts are starting to awaken with me. It’s a beautiful and wonderful journey as I explore more ways to help others.

The fun part of naming a business ‘Limitlessly’ is that it can offer anything and still be in alignment. 🙂

I hope to meet you on the healing journey soon.

In this video, Courtney, Tammy, Brad and myself talk about our experience with the healing, what you can expect and what makes the healing unique.  We hope this will help with questions you might have!