Awakening is a beautiful word.  One of the definitions that Webster states is “a coming into awareness.”  I think of awakening as “to wake up, to rise”. We are awakened out of sleep every morning to a new day.  Each day is an awakening.  Each day we have the opportunity to ‘awake’. 

Deep within each person on the planet is the blueprint for the Divine Human Template.  This blueprint is within each person and has been dormant for 1000’s of years in humanity. The energy on the planet has shifted and it is time for this to be awakened in each individual. 

The awakening happens as we remember in our consciousness new ways to be with ourselves and each other. 

At it’s core, this awakening of the template is about balancing the divine feminine and divine masculine within each of us. This balancing can be quickened with an activation from the Ascended Masters.  With the activation, dormant energetic patterns in the DNA are activated.  The activation is about light. These patterns are infused with light to give new life, they are awakened.

Once new light is infused, the opportunity is to practice living and expanding that light each day. 

Several months ago, I was shown a program to support groups of people in this awakening process called ‘Awakening and Living the Divine Human Template’. 

This 10 week program will activate the template as you practice living it with new topics every 2 weeks and group awakening sessions in between.

Within the program, you will receive:

1. Support in a sacred energetic container for the 10 weeks 

2. An activation healing for the divine human template

3. Five in depth topics with a channeled message from an Ascended Master, written inspiration and homework to practice living in a new awakened way

4. Community engagement in a Private Facebook Group

The program is priced quite differently. The Masters have shown me a new way to offer services and exchange money for payment.

I’m asking for $99 to attend the program. At the end of the program, you will be given the opportunity to make another payment. The amount of that payment will be up to you based on you what you feel the value was, your current financial situation, etc.

The intention of this is a divine feminine flow of energy for the exchange of services.  We exchange based on what we have available to us.

If you desire to do this program, I want you to be able to do it. The Masters want you to do it. Email me and let’s find a solution if the $99 isn’t available to you right now.

Many Blessings.

I hope to see you soon.