You want to sell a PDF or eBook or online course, yet you’re not sure where to start.  The tools available to sell something are numerous and overwhelming. My recommendation is to start as simple as possible and see what sells. Once you know what sells and what you want to sell, you can better define your requirements for the ‘perfect’ solution for you.

Here are some options to consider:

Option 1: Use PayPal Business and create Sell on Social products to give you a URL where clients can easily pay. 

  • It’s free as long as you upgrade to a business account.
  • You can’t configure much, there aren’t a lot of confirmation options available, but you can add a photo, description, etc.

Option 2:  Use a form builder like Paperform that lets you create simple pages, collect information and collect money.

  • $24.00/month
  • Super fast and easy to build pages and sell products
  • You can build awesome forms that look good and can be embedded anywhere
  • You can accept money via PayPal Business, Stripe, Braintree or Square
  • It connects to Zapier for triggering and moving data anywhere

Option 3:  Use a 3rd party Tool that gives you a simple shopping cart.  This article does a nice job explaining them.  The problem I’ve had is finding tools that integrate with Square. The ones that are the most interesting or stand out to me are. These integrate with Zapier, so data can be moved anywhere needed.

Option 4:  Use an all in one tool like Podia.  Podia lets you sell everything and host courses in one place.  It’s a pretty nice robust tool and integrates with Zapier as well. 

Option 5: Use your hosting platform


The options with WordPress are abundant!  

  • WooCommerce – the largest, most robust shopping cart platform, yet comes with overhead that can slow your site down and can be confusing; free isn’t always better
  • Stripe Payments – awesome plugin for accepting stripe that integrates with major email marketing platforms and less overhead than WooCommerce
  • WP Easy Pay – already use Square, this is the plugin for you
  • Simple Paypal – use PayPal, try this one
  • Shopify – awesome infrastructure at $9/month within WordPress – my first choice!

Wix, Squarespace, Weebly

All three platforms have stores that allow physical or digital products.  With digital, they’re focused on a downloadable product, so you need to provide a file.  If you’re selling a ‘link,’ then create a PDF and put the link in the PDF.

  • Allows digital downloads
  • Can’t redirect to a URL, must provide a file

As for the payment processor, if you already have Square, use it.  My personal preference is always Stripe as they deposit automatically.  Yet, many people love PayPal, so if you love PayPal, use that.  

Just do it!

Need help? I do this all the time for clients. I can help you get it set up so that you can sell products going forward.  Book a possibility conversation.