Squarespace Newsletter Forms and Mailchimp

If you have Squarespace, you likely started with a Mailchimp account for email marketing because it’s the only fully integrated email marketing provide that Squarespace supports. You created your first opt-in or started collecting emails for your newsletter and it all worked great. Then, you had a new idea and wanted to give something else away for free and you discovered that you had to create a new list in Mailchimp. Now you have multiple lists that you are manually consolidating or manually sending multiple newsletters to. One of those features in Mailchimp is that you can have all the lists you want, but you can only send a campaign to one list at a time.

Note: You do NOT want to create multiple lists in Mailchimp, unless you have multiple businesses.

Use Mailchimp Groups instead of Lists

The better way to send out another opt-in freebie is to use the feature in Mailchimp called groups or even tags. Then, you keep all your subscribers in the same list and you simply use tags or a group to trigger your ongoing automated campaigns to deliver what you need.

Unfortunately, Squarespace only lets you select a list and not a group within a list or the tags for a list. I’ve submitted tickets many times on this to Squarespace and they offer no good solution yet.

After working with many clients who don’t want to switch out of Mailchimp, I finally found a solution. You just need to setup Zapier to zap the client into a group after they signup. Then, when they join the group, they get the new freebie or optin that you are trying to deliver.

Step by Step for Squarespace and Mailchimp Group Setup

  1. Setup your new Group in Mailchimp under Audience, View Contacts, Manage Contacts, Groups.
  2. Create/Update your newsletter form in Squarespace. Set the Form Name to be unique so that Zapier can easily find it. Make sure your form is connected to Mailchimp and that you have selected your main list where you created the group.
  3. Setup a free Zapier Account and connect your Squarespace account and your Mailchimp Account.
  4. Create a Zap that’s triggered by the form in Squarespace with an action step to update the group for the subscriber in Mailchimp.

* If you have a paid account, add a setup in the Zap to have a delay so that the Zap doesn’t run before Squarespace adds the subscriber.

Note: You may find that occasionally the Zap tries to run before Squarespace has added the subscriber to Mailchimp. If you get an email from Zapier with an error, just reply that step in Zapier and it should work.

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