How to Select a Conference Call Provider

I recently completed a comparison of conference call providers for a project.  I looked at 5 that had minimal pricing or free pricing.  After reviewing, I was sold on  They really have an impressive offering for free and you can even do video and screen sharing!  If you are looking for a quick and easy way to do teleconferencing or webinars, it seems the easiest and best choice to me!

Here are my notes on each service:

  • provides worldwide call in numbers plus mobile apps (callers have to pay long distance or use the apps or weblink to call in so that they don’t have to pay)
  • also has online link for listening as well
  • free up to 1000 callers
  • recording is free
  • downloading is free
  • online conference management – i.e. you can login and see the number of callers online during the call and mute/unmute from on the web
  • future option for video conferencing and screen sharing, also free up to 1000 participants
  • additional options to pay for are
    • $3.95/month for single phone number (i.e. don’t have a pin number)
    • $2.00/month custom greeting when callers join
    • $2.00/month custom hold music
  • similar to
  • free video for up to 3 users
  • free calls for up to 400 users
  • has mobile apps
  • requires starter package to record
  • has bundle upgrades for 9.99/24.99/34.99 a month for additional features
  • similar to
  • doesn’t have video for future
  • doesn’t yet have mobile apps that I can find
  • nice, but $10/month after you exceed 10 participants (Boo.)
  • $10/month after you exceed 10 participants (Boo.)
  • focused on video conferencing
  • free with 40 minute limit on group meetings
  • $14.99/month adds recording