How to Make Heart-Based Business Decisions

As entrepreneurs, we’re faced with making decisions every day. What’s the most important thing to work on? What should we work on next? What tool should we use to do our social media? What should we write about for our next blog post? What? When? How?

All these decisions can lead to analysis paralysis or even decision fatigue. My nature is to be analytical, to look at all the options and to make sure I have data that justifies my path. During my time in Corporate America, I would often know what the best decision was, yet I would have to find enough data to be able to tell the story to my management team or my colleagues.

Now that I’m no longer accountable to management or a team of employees, I don’t have to justify my quick decision making. I just get to make decisions and move forward. From the outside, it might even look like I’ve crossed over to the ‘Fire, Ready, Aim!’ mode of planning, yet that is not what is going on at all.

Today, I try to make as many decisions as possible from my heart.

The way that I do this is by trusting the feelings in my body. My mind is constantly running with all the possibilities and the what if’s and the consequences of this and that. I just allow it to do it’s running and it’s talking and I listen to my body.

Here’s what I do:

Step 1: Take a deep breath to get centered and bring awareness to the area of my torso and the center of my chest, the area of the heart.

Step 2: I ask the question that needs a decision…

  • Should I eat a banana right now or an apple?
  • Should I purchase this new tool that I just got an email about?
  • Should I work with this healer?
  • Should we eat at this restaurant?
  • Should I work on this client’s work today or do it tomorrow?

Step 3: I then notice if the feeling/energy rises up in my body or drops down.

  • Up – This is a YES, it’s a lightness, it’s a feeling of rising and going forward.
  • Down – This is a NO, it’s a feeling of stop, it’s a dropping feeling that doesn’t feel good.

Step 4: I then move ahead with the Yes or the No. The key here is you have to TRUST the process!

The energy that you are feeling is the energy of the heart.

The heart is full of intelligence and consciousness. If you’ve never heard of HeartMath, check them out! They have tons of studies that prove the power and intelligence of the heart.

This technique is something I learned over 20 years ago. At first I was scared to trust something that wasn’t my mind. In our busy to-do list lives, we are trained to trust our minds. It starts with our schools and grades that need to be good. Then we move into jobs that require us to prove our decisions.

Our entire society pulls us away from heart-centered living into the world of the Ego and analytics.

If this feels uncomfortable, start with small things like what food to eat or what food to purchase. Get to know the feeling by asking questions that have concrete yes or no answers, like your name or what city you live in. This allows you to get to know the feeling. Then, continue to practice with things that seem more difficult.

Your heart has so much to share with you. The presence of your Soul is felt more through your heart than your mind. The mind is for solving problems and keeping us alive. The heart is for finding joy and moving through life effortlessly. Allow your heart to guide you. It’s waiting for you to listen.

Try the process now.

Ask yourself this question: Did I just read Sheila’s newsletter?

I would love to hear how this works for you.  Drop me an email or leave a comment below and let me know.

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