Almost every morning, I open my eyes and think, what do I need to do? I’m a busy person and I often wake up thinking about what needs to happen. Sometimes I even wake up in the middle of the night thinking about my to-do list. 

On Sundays, I try to take a day off from ‘work.’ I intend to allow myself a day of not focusing on what to do. Thankfully, my inner knowing interrupted my thoughts this morning and rather than asking my partner what we needed to do today; I asked, “How do you want to be today?” I immediately noticed a very different energy in myself and in the space it created for her to respond. It created an opening for a different energy. It felt wonderful! 

I was able to spend a bit longer relaxing before I started my day. Even with cooking breakfast and baking cookies, the kids could decorate, I continued to ponder to myself, How can I be today? 

For me, this simple question… 

Brings up an energy of connecting to myself and connecting to others. 

Provides me an opportunity to ground and notice what is around me. 

Allows space within my mind to let go of the doing. 

Brings me peace to not have to do. 

While being and doing have been in my awareness for many years, there was a new understanding today. The act of simply asking a different question brought a new awareness that I had not expected. 

If you’re a DOer like me, try asking the question, “How do you want to BE today?” 

I would love to hear if it makes a difference for you in how your day goes. 

Blessings on your journey,