We had the unique experience to learn and be inspired from one of the most unique people I’ve ever met.  Monte was our tour guide in Washington DC today. While we were waiting for Monte to arrive, the driver, who has been doing tours in some form or fashion for the past 30 years, after arriving in this country from Israel, said that Monte is the best he’s ever worked with!

He was absolutely right!  We had so much fun learning and enjoying their presence today.  Monte’s passion for US history was infectious and he’s just been a US citizen for 16 years.  He grew up in Kosovo in a war torn country the first 26 years of his life before he came to the US.  He fought alongside his countrymen for their freedom. He shared how grateful he is for American soldiers who helped secure their freedom; ONLY when they were requested to arrive.

His perspective of the gift of being a US citizen reminded my Heart & Soul of the privilege I enjoy as a US citizen that I frequently underestimate.  Yet, what inspired me even more is the choices he makes every day to fully live and enjoy his life of freedom. He approaches life with the wonder of a child and learns more about US history every day. He has studied criminal justice, the law and political science. He is one of the most versed people I’ve ever heard talk about US history. I wish he would have been my History teacher!  I might have had more interest. 

He shared that he wakes up every day grateful to be in this country and that he chooses to enjoy every second of it.  

Can you imagine choosing to enjoy the gift of freedom every day? Hour? Second?  

Personally, I’ve spent a lifetime practicing choice and learning about choice. It is a simple thing, yet so difficult when life is challenging. Standing in one’s power of ‘I choose’ requires 100% responsibility for one’s life.  I haven’t met many people who stand in this kind of responsibility for their lives.  In the few hours of interacting with this gentleman, I observed his passion and joy and choice to LIVE life to the max ALL the time. 

Listening to his stories, his joy and his passion for life and the United States of America renewed my hope and belief in America. Even with all the turmoil we are currently in, we are viewed as one of the most free countries in the world. 

Thank you Monte for a beautiful inspiring tour of our Nations’ Capital. I’m generally not much of a history person, yet I thoroughly enjoyed your passion, your knowledge and most of all your choice to become a US citizen. We need more people like you inspiring all of us around the gift we take for granted every day.