Expand Your Business Now: DIY Support for Spiritual Solopreneurs

Are you sharing your gifts with the world?

Wishing your business would grow?
Wondering what else to do?
Feeling alone in this solopreneur journey?
Stuck on tech stuff?

Grow Your Business Now is a community of like spirited people on a path of ascension stepping forward in service to humanity. We meet twice a month for an hour. You can bring your struggles, questions, new business ideas, tech issues and get support from me or someone else in the group.

Divine Service fulfills you like nothing else. Do you need support?

You’ll be in the support of the Masters with a Sacred Container. This will propel you forward!

Hi, I’m Sheila

I’m a spiritual coach and energy channel who works with lightworkers. They have a passion to step forward in service to humanity. I create a space for them to actualize and bring their gifts into the world.

I’ve spent my life in creation. I know how to create and help others create.  It is my gift. I’ve also created several businesses, worked in Corporate America for many years and have been on a spiritual path for over 30 years. 

In the past several years, I’ve created and grown my technology business as well as started a healing business and several collaborative efforts with other healers. While helping 100’s of clients with their technology needs, I’ve watched and observed what’s made people successful. I want to share that with you and help your business grow, so that you and your Higher Self can fulfill your divine mission in service to humanity.

My Higher Self, Jyahlien, now serves through me. I work with her and she works with all those I support. She is the Healer and guide as we work together.

It’s a sacred place where you can:

  • get answers on business questions
  • get support with a technical issue or question
  • set goals and check in on your goals twice a month
  • get feedback on new ideas
  • share your success

Grow Your Business Now Includes

Sacred Container of Support

You and your business will be placed in a sacred container of support from the Ascended Masters.  This will continue as long as you are part of the group. 

Twice Monthly LIVE Support Gatherings

You’ll join a live zoom call where you can ask questions, get support, share your goals and be part of a group supported by the Ascended Masters.

Energy Healing

Each month, I’ll channel an energy healing from Jyahlien for the group.

Email Support

You can email me questions anytime and I’ll answer or direct you in the right place to get what you need.


First month is free


Let’s Get Started

Step 1. Complete payment.

Step 2. You’ll receive an email to complete a short questionnaire.

Step 3. We’ll meet for our first group Zoom.

Have Questions?  Get in Touch!


What a blessing it was to receive Coaching from Sheila. Every single session was filled with deep insight and inspiring guidance. Sheila helped me to access things within me that needed healing/clearing that I previously hadn’t realized, and I’m someone who has spent years and years on the self-healing and spiritual path. It was so great to be able to have someone I could talk to, to share what was going on in my life and to know that I could trust her intuition and her guides’ messages of support. It was very helpful to receive tips or suggestions of what I could do to improve my situation and to decide on what my next steps would be.

Sheila has a vast array of spiritual knowledge and has been devoted to her spiritual ascension for a long time. Being a 7th initiate, I knew that the coaching I received from her was coming from a higher level of divine expertise from within her and her embodied Higher Self. It was a unique experience and one that brought about much change within me and my perspective. I could also feel her joy in facilitating these beautiful sessions for me and that brought joy to me as well!

I highly recommend coaching from Sheila Franzen. It is beyond worth it!!!

Sonia Tavares

Vocal Healer, Sophia Circle Journeys®, soniatavares.com

Sheila always knows the right thing to say at the right time to help me feel better. I am very grateful for how she has helped me navigate through many difficult challenges in my life. She is a clear, compassionate, and hopeful guide. She helps me see my life from a higher perspective and offers ideas and resources to assist me in moving my life in the right direction. I would recommend to anyone who needs spiritual guidance, life focus, or assistance with healing. I am forever grateful for my work with Sheila and highly recommend her services to anyone. 

Courtney Dillon

Medium, Intuitive Healer, Teacher, courtneydillon.com