Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Activation & Balancing: Divine Torus Healing Just for You 

Are you ready for more peace?  more balance?

You’re ready to find that inner balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine that lives in each of us. This torus healing will activate dormant patterns in your DNA bringing a brilliant gold to the double helix. The energies of the feminine and masculine will be brought into balance within the individual. When these energies are in balance, the human will have access to their own consciousness in a unique/different way. 

Sheila with her Higher Self on the 6th ray of the goddess and Brad with his Higher Self on the 1st ray of god’s power will be the healers for this torus.  Their combined energy of the god and goddess in the ascension rays along with a specific alchemical technique brings a powerful and unique energy to the healing.


It has been a few weeks since my Divine Feminine/Divine Masculine Balancing session.  I notice that I feel very calm and centered and very peaceful.  I feel like my energy has softened and is floating in Love.  I don’t hurry as much or worry as much or push myself to keep striving forward as I used to.  I am allowing and trusting that things move forward in their own pace and it feels wonderful.  I am in the Now moment and there is love, peace and joy everywhere.  I still do the work and make the effort but now there is an additional layer of happiness and trust, which makes the work, no longer “work”. I feel like this session has done so much more that I don’t even know how to describe. Thank you so much for this!US