Do you often feel like you have no energy?
Do you avoid going into public places because it feels overwhelming?
Do you wonder why?

I’ve had a daily morning routine for years now.  It varies slightly, yet the primary focus is a moment for me to feel and connect to my own energy, to the essence of who I am.  Sometimes, I bring in guided meditations or service meditations, other times I journal or ask for guidance from the Masters and my Higher Self.

  1. I always start with a version of Donna Eden’s daily energy routine to balance the physical body.
  2. Lately, I’ve added several types of grounding and energy protection. (The focus of this article!)
  3. Then, I sit and meditate
  4. When I have time, I do stretching and strengthening exercise.

Why do we need protection?

When I ask this question and wait for an answer… I always sense that…

The Brighter we become, the more visible we become.

The more visible we are, the more likely something less bright will find us and try to affect us.

It’s a simple equation of light and dark. While I trust, know and believe that LIGHT always prevails over dark, it helps to have some extra layers of LIGHT to create a LIGHT shield so the dark bounces off of us.

Aren’t we safe with a protection gird?

If you’re on the path of ascension, you likely have a protection grid. Yes, you are absolutely safe and entities can not attach to you. What I have discovered though is that my energy can still be affected. It’s like a chain link fence… the dog can’t get in, yet it can still drive you crazy and annoy the crap out of you if it’s right next to you barking!  If you put up a solid wood fence where the dog can’t see you and some music where it can’t get your attention, then it doesn’t bother you or rather.. you aren’t bothered.  It’s the same thing with entities or other dark beings. If you create an energy field from your own strength, then you can’t be bothered.

Case in Point 1:  The Energy Blob

We were visiting with some old friends and I found myself completely drained when we got home. A close family member even mentioned to me that there was an energy blob they could see walking behind me. I was shocked!  I don’t even buy into the concept of being affected by the ‘dark’, yet I knew I was physically drained.  I asked my Higher Self and the Masters to help this energy blob return to the light. I felt a slight shift and those I trust that can see energy confirmed it was gone.

I was perplexed. How could I be so affected by this energy blob following me around?  I couldn’t figure it out, so in a session with Courtney, the clearest channel I know, I asked Ascended Master St Germain. He asked if I had done my meditation that morning and strengthened my energy. I thought back and remembered that I hadn’t because we were busy getting out of the house.

While this energy blob couldn’t attach to me because I had a protection grid, it was still affecting my energy. I’ve been more diligent about my energy routines ever since!

Case in Point 2:  The Attack

First, you should know… I don’t really believe in attacks or buy into the dark side affecting me or stopping me.  If I’m going to do something, I simply do it. If I’m guided to do something, I do it.  Yup, you guessed it, I was attacked.

Last week, I sat in meditation and had a key realization that I was to teach a new technique related to the Divine Flame. I was so excited as I had also just had a pattern clearing with Tammy around some old ‘body’ issues and I was pumped and ready to move forward.  I stood up from that meditation and my back was in spasm and it felt like there were knives in my back. It was almost debilitating pain. 

I had some sense that I was being attacked, but was quick to write it off because I don’t buy into it… I reached out to 3 separate people and said I had back pain and asked them to look at it.  I wanted to know what they saw.  All three of them said that they saw my upper left back/shoulder area being psychically attacked.  They used the same words and none of them talk to each other and one doesn’t even know the others.

Now I’m convinced I’m being attacked.  Ugh.  Whatever.  I had someone help me with clearing.  That did nothing with the pain.  In my mind, I’m thinking ‘I don’t believe in it, how am I allowing myself to be attacked?’. 

When we live in complete responsibility, we realize we are responsible for the attack as well as the one being attacked.

Over the past several weeks, I had been guided by St Germain to reread Volume 3 of the I AM Discourses that were St Germain’s discourses to Godfrey Ray King back in the 1920’s.  I went to bed reading Discourse VII and part of it was about taking a stance and being the invincible guard against any outside entities. Holy Cow, he was telling me what I needed to do!

I woke up and was still in pain. I was DUHN with it as the pain was exhausting me and I had stuff I needed to do. I remembered a piece of the affirmation that St Germain shared ‘I AM THE INVINCIBLE GUARD’.

I spent 30 minutes repeating ‘I AM THE INVINCIBLE GUARD’ with force and determination. I decided that I was done with being attacked and I was going to stand strong and I wasn’t allowing it. I called in my I AM Presence by using the affirmation and stated it with certainty over and over.  I called in Arch Angel Michael and Pallas Athena and her sword and I demanded that what was attacking me be stopped.  I removed the energetic  knives ?  and swords ? and I said ‘NO MORE!’.

The pain left and I felt better.  It took several days to get my neck re-aligned with 2 different chiropractors, yet I knew that was just the left over in my physical body that had to be re-aligned.

On a walk the next day, I memorized St Germain’s affirmation and I’ve been saying it every day since whenever I think about it.


Five Ways to Create a LIGHT Shield for Yourself

One. Decide from you own inner power and inner strength that you are not going to be affected. Choose it with every cell of your body. This is the most important thing to do. You have to choose that you have the strength and that you will not be affected. The rest is support for the physical and energetic bodies.

Two.  Run your energy with the intention of strengthening your energy field. My two favorites ways to do this are through grounding and calling back your energy as well as strengthening your toroidal fields.

Grounding – search for grounding cord meditation in google and you’ll find quite a variety
Courtney’s You Are Energy Course – includes how to strengthen your toroidal fields

Three. Establish/Reinforce your personal octahedron. This is a simple, yet amazingly powerful technique. You can learn it from Jan Thompson.

Jan’s Activating your Personal Octahedron

Four. Use the Affirmation from St Germain and be your own invincible guard.


Five.  Increase your heart’s energy field.  My Higher Self, Jyahlien, recently brought my awareness to doing this each morning to start my meditation. 

Bring your awareness into the space of your heart and feel the warmth and uplifted energy. Then expand the feeling out into every cell of your body and aura and even the room you are in.  This is you standing in your own full power and allowing your essence to be your strength and protection.

Light prevails through our own inner strength to stand in our power. This is our journey here on earth as we ascend. Stand in your power and discover what flows through.