Business Light Expansion: Energy Alchemy for Your Business 

Are you ready for your business or career to grow?

We are in times of great change in our communities, our countries and our lives. The amount of energetic change happening on the planet right now affects our businesses too. The offering focuses on expanding and upgrading the energetic structures in your business. 

For the Business Light Expansion healing, St Germain stepped forth as our guide and shared that this healing is here to help upgrade businesses into a new energy structure for the future. He shares that this is necessary to help our businesses keep up with the pace of change happening on the planet right now.

With St Germain’s guidance, we created a series of healings and readings for your business. As you likely know, the energy on the planet is shifting significantly right now. Individually, we’re all working on upgrading our energy systems and preparing for shifts and new energy on the planet. This alchemical healing for your business quickly transforms the energy in and around your business to support your business in the new energy on earth. Business Light Expansion includes a Torus Healing, Astrology Reading, Energy Balancing, Channeled Session, and an Activation Session. The integration of these services in a safe space creates an ideal container for transformation! Get started and light up your business or career now!

I love the way that the energy worked for me quickly. The most important is to be open to believing! The work Sheila, Tammy, Courtney, and Brad do ( Kudos to St Germaine) is sincere, honest and most of all it’s authentic. I saw a quick change in my thoughts, shed old belief systems and clients supporting me in my career. I experience those changes and I’m glad I took this opportunity that crossed my path.
Thank you BLE team!

After my Business Light Expansion, not only has there been an increase in clients, but my creativity about what I offer has been activated. I am getting new ideas and a-ha moments regularly. Talk about being in the flow! And it is all coming with grace and ease. I feel like I have been put on the fast track.

Something magical happened once this process began. I discovered clarity that I had been longing for with different aspects of my business. The astrology reading helped me see how my business couldn’t expand with too many things in play. Courtney’s clear message from the Masters on how I can expand was beautiful. Things are moving forward quickly and I’m excited!

I LOVED being supported with the energies of the Ascended Masters. It felt like a/an:

– Infusion of new creations and support of letting go of old ways that no longer serve.
– Reprogramming deep inside of my being.
– Opening to support on new levels of partnership.
– It’s going to be okay, along with an invitation to rest in Love as I deepen into trusting the process.

I’m humbled. I’m grateful. I feel changed forever in the best way possible.

Rita Henry

Intuitive Counselor,

Before the Business Light Expansion, I didn’t fully own my role as a healer. As a result, I was unclear about myself and the services that I offered. I also struggled to feel inspired. There were days when I didn’t feel like working in my business. My business and I were stuck and whatever that I did to get my business moving forward wasn’t working. I had spent a lot of money on my business and sadly those investments were like water down the drain.

When I learned about the Business Light Expansion, a light bulb went on in my head. For me, it was like finally there is an energetic support system that can help me and my business.

I registered for it and I’ve received so much clarity and insights about myself and my business. I was blown away by the energetic support that was provided by St. Germain and the four healers.

Since the Business Light Expansion, my mindset and attitude have changed. I fully embraced my role as a healer and a teacher. I am confident of my healing services. I also feel comfortable sharing more about myself and my journey. I am now inspired to work in my business. Creating content to share on social media is much easier now than before. I finally feel supported after years of feeling alone doing what I do.

I am grateful to St. Germain and Brad, Courtney, Sheila and Tammy for bringing forth this transformation.

I am glad that I did it and I highly recommend the Business Light Expansion.

Hayatti Rahgeni

Emotional Clearing Expert, Inner Peace Accelerator, Energy Healer,