As someone who has been part of teams and projects, I’ve stayed up late and put in the extra hours more times than I care to remember. I’ve even done it for weeks in a row and ended up so exhausted that I had nothing left to give. Yesterday I received an intuitive reading on my shoulder from someone and was reminded that my giving often outweighs my receiving. I chuckled out loud. Really, I thought? Me? The one who is always busy and doing for others. It’s true, I love working and serving my clients. I do, I really do! I have always loved helping out and doing whatever it took to win or complete a project or meet a deadline, often at my own expense.

I’ve even promised myself I would never do it again. Yet, it happens and there I am again. I now recognize it as a pattern for me that is a delicate balance between serving and overdoing. A balance of knowing when I just have to get it done and also knowing when to take a break. I’m better at it now than I used to be. I catch myself sooner and I am way more conscious about when I do it and how much extra I’m willing to give.

Sometimes You Need to Just Do It

As entrepreneurs, you’re often in place of doing it on your own. It can be hard to hold yourself accountable and put in the extra work when you need to. Do you recognize when you are dragging something out or putting off doing something? Do you have checkpoints in place to notice it? Is a project for yourself or a client dragging out longer than it should? It happens to all of us and it’s OK. The key thing is to get some checkpoints or systems in place to catch yourself when you’re avoiding something.

Sometimes you just need to stay up late one night and get it done or block a day and do nothing else until you complete what you need to do. You might be tired afterwards and that’s OK. The important thing is that you broke through what was stopping you and you did it! Now, do something for yourself like get a coffee or watch a movie. Acknowledge your accomplishment and integrate your learnings as you move forward.

Sometimes You Need the Break

We can also get so busy when we have our own business that we don’t take a break. I’ve recently enjoyed being part of Jenny Shih’s Make It Work Online (MIWO) program and I put in quite a few extra hours to keep up with the content of the class and get my business re-launched. My mailing list is growing and I’m excited to have new clients showing up and working with them! I appreciate each one of you! It’s been amazing! I am energized to be working again and I am probably working more than my family would like. My learning right now is that I still have to take a break. My body and mind need the downtime. When we don’t take care of ourselves, we can’t really take care of our clients. I find myself returning to my basics, like…

  • making sure I do my morning routine
  • spending time in meditation each morning
  • not turning on my phone until after my meditation
  • not turning on my computer after dinner to do any more work

Where are you right now? Are there things you are avoiding in your business? with your technology? or are you overdoing? It’s always a balance. Where is your balance? How do you maintain it? I would love to hear from you!