Sheila Franzen

Spiritual Coach & Energy Healer

You’re a spiritual seeker who wants more depth, connection, and expression in your journey.  You’re ready to step forward, yet you’re not sure how you want to serve in the world. Maybe you’re tired of trying to move forward and feeling like you take 3 steps backward. 

You just want to get to the next level and feel the excitement to be in service. You’re tired of the fear, the panic, and the resistance. Deep inside, you know you have something special to offer.

You’re  tired  of  feeling  like  you’re  hiding and  that  no  one  will  see  you.

Hi, I’m Sheila

I’m a spiritual coach and energy healer who works with lightworkers. They have a passion to step forward in service to humanity. I create a space for them to actualize and bring their gifts into the world. 

The people I work with are committed to their spiritual growth and raising the consciousness on the planet.  They have a desire to understand more about themselves and their journey to feeling whole and complete. They want to step forward in service to humanity.

I love working with those who believe in Angels, Spiritual Guides, and the Ascended Masters.  They know and trust that Beings are supporting us in our journey through life on this school of planet earth.

I enjoy supporting people on their spiritual journey, whether that’s to be the best possible person they can be or a journey committed to ascension. My heart expands every time someone discovers a moment of understanding they didn’t have before.

Jyahlien’s Aura Colors provided by Verna Maruata.

Meet Jyahlien

These are her aura colors. You can feel into her energy by looking at this picture of her aura colors.

Jyahlien is an activator of energy and works with everyone that I work with. She is the energy work of what we do and is able to clear past lives, shift patterns, provide you support and more.

She encourages you to put your hands on your heart and bring your awareness there. Ask yourself if you want to work with her and with me. If you feel warmth or light or an uplifting feeling, that could be your sign. She tells me that you will know if you are to work with her. Just trust. Your guides will support you. Check out our Work With Me page, send me an email or schedule a free connection session. We hope to journey with you soon.

My Story

Early Memories

I think my first moment of knowing happened when my grandfather died. I was 4 years old, and recall sitting on the stairs and overhearing my mother in the kitchen talking about it, but I already knew it had happened. Honestly, I’ve not remembered it as a moment of knowing where I just knew something happened until writing this just now. I guess the gifts that are ours show up early whether we remember or understand them or not.

Somewhere around age 10, I recall standing on a school bus with my hands on either side of the aisle, having this incredible moment of stillness and thinking in extreme clarity, “There HAS to be more than THIS.” THIS, was life on planet earth. At that young age, I was already aware that I wanted a deeper understanding of life.

My early days were full of Sunday School and church. I attended a small Christian country school that had 40 students, K-8. I loved all the Bible stories and the social structure of church in a small town. It was an integral part of our daily life that I’ll always treasure and remember fondly.

I attended Illinois College, a small Presbyterian college, where we were required to take 2 religion classes. In one of those classes, I learned there were 2 creation stories in the Bible. This was extremely upsetting to me as I had spent my life learning about the Bible, and I thought I ‘knew’ stuff. In that moment, I knew that I needed to understand more about other religions and what people believed in the world.

Not long after that, I attended church again, and the sermon spoke of how wrong being gay was. As a young woman discovering her sexual preferences, I left church that day and didn’t return other than for the occasional special event. I could not support a societal structure that didn’t support who I was. I knew who I was and it was not because of how I was brought up. It just was who I was.

Awakening to Spirit

So now, I’ve turned my back on everything I knew about religion and spirituality and started pursuing the esoteric. A friend introduced me to the Seth Material and my mind was forever expanded. I started reading and never stopped.
In my late 20’s, I moved to Portland, OR, and spent the next 20+ years deepening my knowledge of world religions while investing hours upon hours in self-improvement classes, seminars, and workshops. I attended Spiritual events with Amma and enjoyed a variety of meditation retreats. I spent many years working with LifeForce Education and volunteering with their events. I worked my way through T Harv Eker’s work.

I was committed to finding this connection and joy that I read in all the books. I wanted a spiritual awakening, that enlightenment moment that so many wrote about.

I started meditating daily and engaged in psychoanalysis that lasted for almost 10 years. I was determined to discover who I was and find that connection to the Divine so that I wouldn’t feel so lonely.

I was relentless in my spiritual pursuit. I wanted to know how this world worked and how we fit within it. I used the knowledge that I gained to create the life that I wanted.

The name Illumination Guide came to me 10+ years ago in my work with the Akashic Records. I reserved the domain name then, yet was never quite sure exactly what I would do with it. I knew I would help people in a greater way — I just never knew how.

You can read more about the depth and breadth of my spiritual journey in Modern Ascension: Stories From the Spiritual Paths of High Initiates.

Living Intentionally

At the point I started High School, I was a focused young woman. Learning came naturally to me, so I spent my extra time working hard to get good grades. A bit of a perfectionist arose within me and I completed High School as valedictorian. That was the beginning of a drive to be successful.

I landed in a Computer Science class in college as part of being a Math major and I fell in love. My career started early as I worked a 40-hour job as a computer programmer while completing my last semester of college. That job was with Capitol Records (so cool to learn how CD’s are made!) My career then took many leaps. I worked for Hewlett Packard and Nike. My work-life quickly went from the computer programmer to the project manager and then manager of teams. I had a unique ability to understand technology and communicate in terms that made sense to non-technical people. My gift of seeing the big picture and connections allowed me to easily step into management and communicate to all levels in an organization. I traveled the world as part of one role and easily navigated exploring other cultures and countries.

I was focused and I loved working, often working 50-60 hours a week. Mostly, I didn’t mind because I loved creating! I know how to create, and those that worked with me put me in roles that allowed me to bring projects to completion or take over ones that were struggling and turn them around.

My roles in different companies continued. I moved up the ladder and managed large numbers of people and millions of dollars. Eventually, I realized that Executive Management was not where I wanted to be. I returned to Project Management, where I could more closely be part of the direction and intentional creation of things.

After finding the love of my life, we knew that we were to raise children together. We chose to adopt within the foster care system in the US and we have two beautiful daughters that are the most amazing gifts in our life. As the stay-at-home mom, I had the opportunity to return to one of my most favorite things, technology. I also build websites for lightworkers. You can read more about that at

I attribute my career success to the spiritual path I followed during that time. My spiritual seeking and perpetual desire to create and understand how the universe worked allowed me to succeed in my career and life.

I live the exact life that I desire. I am in a loving, committed relationship with two beautiful children. We live in the house of our dreams with an oceanview. I love the work that I do and the opportunities that I have to serve. Life is incredible!

I can help you step forward into the life you want to create. I’ve coached 100’s of people over the years in topics ranging from life to career to business, spirituality, entrepreneurship, and more. Schedule a free connection session.

Knowing the Ascended Masters

I’ve known the Ascended Masters for a long time. I first learned about who they were in my late 20’s, which is over 20 years ago! Eek! 🙂 I’ll never forget the first time I read Unveiled Mysteries, which chronicles Godfrey Ray King’s journey with St Germain. I was on a plane flying overseas. I finished the book and started it again. I wanted to feel and experience every moment of this Master.

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve read many books and teachings and listened to many channelings from the Ascended Masters, including the I AM discourses, Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, A Course in Miracles, The Way of Mastery, A Course of Love and more.

In 2016, I discovered the Ascended Masters Portal at I had searched for the term ‘Ascended Masters Free’ as part of an exercise from a book I was reading to ask for what you wanted in the universe. The site showed up and I knew I had found home.

I have always loved the Ascended Masters and felt like they were my friends. Finding the Alpha Imaging site was clearly on my path. About a year before, I had started rereading the I AM Discourses and working with the violet flame every day. I knew I wanted to ascend in this lifetime, and I knew I needed to get busy if that was going to happen. Then, the portal showed up in my life, and there were tools and support and CURRENT teachings about today’s world being shared from people working with the Ascended Masters every day.

You can read more about my ascension journey in the book, Modern Ascension.

As I journeyed through the clearing of karma, which is the process of ascension, my life continued to change and improve. I discovered joy in more moments, I allowed peace, and I found contentment with life.

In February of 2020, I passed the 7th Initiation on the path of Ascension. This initiation is when one’s Higher Self has completely merged into the holy heart and is walking with you in physical form now.

I now walk with my Higher Self, Jyahlien. She has guided me to share her gifts through me with the world. I stand in service each day asking how would you like to serve through me. She is an incredible goddess focussed on bringing a new understanding of the divine feminine to earth. She is on the 6th ray of the goddess. Her presence has brought forward spiritual gifts within me that allow me to share healing and coaching services with you. She is a healer, and she wants to influence the world and share her energy with you.

I am passionate about ascension and the Ascended Masters. I can’t wait to talk with you!

Serving You

Today, as I step forward with her presence so close in my heart, I get to support people on their spiritual path through healing and coaching. She works with the Ascended Masters and brings forth new techniques and methods of healing with each offering that I step forward with.

As human, I stand in awe to be of service with her. Walking with her, we stand in humble service to support and guide those on a spiritual path.

I love life. I enjoy peace. I am content. It is real. 

More About Jyahlien


Jyahlien shares that names are a construct that gives definition, and trying to name an energetic being attempts to put a construct around something that is not definable. Yet, she also understands that names are part of how humans interact and understand things. The name she has shared is Jyahlien. The sound softens at the end.

If she were to appear to you in meditation in human form, you would see a regal woman. She wears a purple cloak with gold trim. Her long curly hair is gold/red in color. She wears it up, artfully arranged. Her eyes are dark brown. She has a gentle and loving smile. If she were to appear energetically, her aura is a ruby red with a pink edge. Across her aura is a gold sparkling wash.

Her colors tell you who she is. She is a Sixth Ray Master, the ray of the goddess and devotion. She wants you to learn to honour and love the goddess within you. She is here to bring forth a new understanding and integration of the divine feminine to the planet. She is here to help us understand the personal power of the compassionate and loving goddess that resides in all of us. This is not a masculine power, but the inner strength and power of the divine feminine. The pink in her aura alludes to her compassion and love for humanity.

Her symbol is the regal snow leopard. She has one walking with her.