Tired of doing the same ole brainstorming and lists for what to write about.  You find it doesn’t feel fresh and you want to write something that matters, something that is important to your readers and to your future clients.  Me too! I often find that my clients don’t know what questions they have so asking them doesn’t always get them what they want and need.  When I share new ideas, my readers find out that they wanted something that they didn’t know they needed.

3 New Ways to Get Fresh Ideas

  1. Ask your readers without polling them
  2. Ask your guides to help you
  3. Get moving to get clarity

Ask Your Readers Without Polling Them

Before I write, I almost always sit quietly in a short meditation to connect to my heart before writing. After taking a bike ride last week to get my energy moving, I asked in meditation what I should write about. I ended up with a wonderful list and this post was one of those ideas. I was reminded that I should share the ways that I bring in energy and spirit to my technology world. Here’s the guided meditation you can use to ask what your readers want and/or need.

Stay sitting in your desk chair. If you have a meditation space already, don’t worry about going to that space. Just remain in the space where you work. We want to bring the energy of meditation to your work, the energy of the heart to infuse your writing. Take 3 deep breaths to relax and bring your attention to the present moment. Then bring your attention to the area of your heart and breathe into your heart to fill it with light. With your attention remaining in your heart, imagine your readers/your audience in front of you. Your audience is those that are on your list and those that will be in the future. First, send your love to them from your heart. Now, in that silence, ask what they want to hear. Ask them what they want to learn from you or what they want you to share. In the stillness, see what answers you get. If you get a list, just open your eyes and write them down. Once you feel complete, give thanks to them and bring your awareness back to your breathing and slowly open your eyes.

Here’s the audio of the above meditation. As I started to write the meditation, I felt my guides saying ‘Record It!’. So, I did! Enjoy! Listen to it as many times as you need. ?
Right Click on this line to download the meditation. If you have a clear idea, start writing. Allow that energy to flow from you into your writing. If you don’t have an idea immediately, then take a short walk and see what comes to you. Honor the way in which you receive information and guidance. If this is new to you, it might take some practice. Try it again tomorrow if you didn’t have any luck the first time.

Ask Your Guides to Help You

We all have guides with us. Whatever your belief system, just ask within that belief system. It might be a spiritual guide, or your Guardian Angel or your Ascension Master. We have more support around us than we typically realize. Just because we can’t see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I have spent many years trying to find a direct connection with my guides and have found for me that the information typically comes in the form of a new thought. I used to not give this credibility because I thought the thoughts were my own. Now, I surrender to the possibility that when I have a new thought, it’s likely a guide or my Guardian Angel giving me some inspiration. I’ve learned of several methods to have a more direct connection, like bringing your attention to the area of your 3rd eye or above your pineal gland or your heart or above your head. I can’t tell you exactly which one will work best for you. You will have to try them. I typically just breathe and bring my awareness to my heart and then ask my guides to step forward. One of the things to know is that you will often feel them behind you and not in front of you as they will never interfere with what you are doing. I find this odd as I want to see them, but I’ve learned to just trust. Once you’ve asked them to come forward, then simply ask them what you could write about that would most serve your readers and your audience and then listen. The ideas might come to you immediately or they might come later or they might come after a walk. You might hear them or you might see them. I often find that if I just start writing, the ideas will show up because it’s a way to allow movement of the energy. Just start a list of something you know and then see what else comes up. Sometimes I look over the lists later and I’m surprised at what I wrote and realize that I had never thought of that before.

Get Moving to Get Clarity

This one is so simple, yet so often overlooked. We need to move in life! These beautiful bodies are built to move. The body is full of muscles and bones and joints and they all move in perfect harmony. When I get stuck or haven’t written in a long time, I find that exercise is the only thing that cures it. There is something magic about moving your body and allowing the oxygen and energy to flow to your brain. It’s like a magical boost of energy and then all of a sudden you have new ideas. Next time, when you are aren’t sure what to write, get moving! When you complete your exercise, sit down and write again and see if it’s easier. I find that cardio exercise helps me the most when I need new inspiration. Something about breathing hard and sweating allows new ideas to flow afterward.  
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